The New Growers Guide to Orchids
by Gordon Heaps
Gordon has put together a wonderful little book on orchids..I have always been afraid to grow them because they seemed so foreign to me, but with the help of this book, even I should be able to grow them!

This beginners guide is a must have for anyone wanting to grow these beautiful plants - Gordon says if you can grow plants, you can grow orchids! They are tough - I didn't realize that we had 26 species growing in Alberta and 35 species growing in Alaska!

Gordon is a past-president of the Orchid Society of Alberta and is currently vice-president of the Canadian Orchid Congress. He works at Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton where he oversees an extensive orchid collection for the Orchid Species Preservation Foundation of Alberta.

Softcover 12.95 Cdn

ISBN 0-9683324-0-4

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