Betty Crocker’s Kitchen Gardens
Reviewed by Helen MacPherson

Betty Crocker’s Kitchen Gardens, first published in 1971, is a pleasure to read and browse through. In it there is something of interest for the cook, the gardener, the history buff and the lover of fine art. The book features recipes tested in the Betty Crocker Kitchens, garden folklore and quotations, poems, garden plans, and last but not least the exquisite art work of Tasha Tudor.

Mary Mason Campbell’s experience as a writer, cook, and gardener is evident throughout the book. She writes with wisdom and charm covering topics such as garden planning, composting, and pesticide free gardening, and includes a wealth of growing, harvesting, and preserving information for each herb and vegetable she discusses in the book.

Although this is certainly not the most comprehensive guide available on herb and vegetable growing it is definitely in the feel good about gardening category. The book leaves one feeling that yes this is doable, rather than I could never achieve this in my garden.

Artist: Tasha Tudor(Wind in the Willows, Secret Garden etc.)

Publisher: Universal Publishing Inc. New York

Library of Congress Catalogue Card No. 79-153734

Availability: Sadly it is out of print, but is still available through Yesterday in Print or the Tasha Tudor web site. Your local library may have it as well.

Cost: Anywhere from $15.00 to $60.00 US depending on condition and if it is a signed copy.

Author : Mary Mason Campell
Publisher : Universal Publishing Inc. New York

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