Color In The Garden
Foreward by Penelope Hobhouse
Packed with useful information and breathtaking photographs that will excite the passions of every gardener, this bookss demonstrates how to harness the full potential of color through design, and reveal Nori and Sandra Pope's unique approach to planting.

In gardening, just as in art or interior design, color is an essential element. A single color is capable of stirring strong emotions from fiery passion to utter tranquillity. But color as a tool is often under-used through lack of knowledge or confidence.

Using their own world-famous Hadspen Garden as a model, the Popes explain how colors stimulate our emotions. Working right through the spectrum, we see how each color can be used to evoke a particular mood or image, from the drama of red to the cool restfulness of blue; from the Eastern spice market of an orange border to the bleached Mediterranean effect of a pastel and silver scheme. The stunning color palette spreads of Color in the Garden will excite the passions of every gardener.

Originally from Vancouver Island in Canada, where they ran a nursery, Nori and Sandra Pope moved to England in 1987 because they fell in love with Hadspen and saw in it the potential for creating an amazing color garden. Within five years they had realized this aim, seeing it become one of the most talked about gardens in the world.

Clive Nichols is one of the world's leading garden photographers. He started photographing the garden at Hadspen shortly after the Popes became the gardeners there nine years ago. The photographs he has taken for this book capture the Popes' artistic vision perfectly, and are among the most outstanding garden photographs yet published.

Author : Nori Pope
ISBN : 1579590764
Publisher : Bay Books/SOMA
Sugg. Retail Price : $40.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 160

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