The Sweet Pea Book
Who doesn't love sweet peas and for those of you who cannot grow them because of your climate - doesn't it sadden you to think about what you are missing?

I love sweet peas and am very thankful that I can grow them in my climate. When I smell them while working in the garden, it brings a lift to my heart.

Universally loved – gardeners are always on the look out for new varieties, yet always have the old varieties as well growing. There is something about that first little bunch you bring into the house that warms your heart.

Graham brings us a book that is easy to read, helpful in its presentation and full of inspiring ideas on growing them in beds and borders, tubs and even hanging baskets.

I appreciated the history on the development of them throughout North America and Britain. Beautiful photographs and detailed information on many, many varieties.

Graham Rice is a world authority on annuals and has won two awards from the British Garden Writers Guild and another from the American Garden Writers Association. He trained at RBG Kew and is also a judge.

…a must for Sweet Pea lovers….

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Author : Graham Rice
ISBN : 0713487372
Publisher : B T Batsford
Sugg. Retail Price : $57.00
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 143

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