Gardening Month by Month in Alberta
I have always liked the books that Lone Pine publishes. They have a real feel for design layout and great photographs. In fact Heather Markham who I have known from previous meetings, is the designer of this book. A job very well done.

The book itself is a real pleasure to go through, I think because it is for a specific group of gardeners - those in Alberta - and that just happens to be where I live.

I also like the month by month things to do which include pruning, seeding, lawns and the specific items like plant propagation, protection during our winter months, container gardening ideas, garden design and planning.

Also included is first and last frost date maps, charts on climate and a great listing of books, clubs, and online resources.

This is a book that has a calendar, but is not dated so you can begin whenever you get the book. Space to write down those special notes you want to keep handy for future reference is ample.

I would think that this would be a book that every gardener would appreciate having - right from the new gardener through to the experienced gardener.

Author : Alison Beck
ISBN : 1551051435
Publisher : Lone Pine Publishers
Sugg. Retail Price : $18.95
Available in Softcover

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  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row