Native Plants in the Coastal Garden
a guide for gardeners in BC and the pacific northwest
In this new edition, the classic regional gardening book has been completely revised, updated and expanded to include many more facets of gardening on the West Coast.

An all-encompassing guide, this book is ideal for gardeners from the Pacific Ocean to the Coast Mountains in British Columbia. The six chapters make sure all the bases are covered in identifying plant habitats, attracting wildlife and locating regional plants and seeds specifically adapted to the growing conditions of a coastal garden.

Featured in this new edition are twenty new plant descriptions, topics such as container gardening, modern gardening trends, community education and stewardship, and shoreline habitats. Helpful diagrams and explanations leave the reader inspired to turn a backyard into a lush, West Coast paradise.

April Pettinger has been collecting native plant information and expertise for years. Brenda Costanzo is a botanist who has spent twenty years researching, teaching and writing about native plant gardening.

April Pettinger Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, April Pettinger grew up in Toronto, St. John, Montreal and Winnipeg. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology from United College and then completed Graduate Studies in City Planning at the University of Manitoba. She later took Women's Studies courses at the University of Victoria.

Until 1994, when she decided to retire to fulfill a life-long ambition to write, April followed many career paths including social work, career counseling and print production. Her interest in native plant gardening was first sparked by witnessing the rich diversity of plants in Canada's west coast rainforests. This interest was recently reinforced by an awareness of new global developments in the area of native plants and naturalistic gardening. She fused her belief in the redemptive quality of native plant gardening as a critical instrument for ecological restoration with her writing to create the successful book, Native Plants for the Coastal Garden, first published in 1995.

April maintains strong connections with the gardening community as a member of the Victoria Horticultural Society, the Native Plant Study Group and the Friends of Government House Gardens Society. Other than gardening, she defines her hobbies as "things I don't do enough of" including art, interior design and travel.

April lives in Victoria with her husband Barry and is the mother of three grown-up children (Christopher, Jennifer and Benjamin). She currently has a fiction project in the works.

Brenda Costanzo A resident of British Columbia her entire life, Brenda Costanzo was born in North Vancouver. She has been involved in native plant gardening for over twenty years. She has travelled throughout the province and to the western United States in search of plants. Brenda has visited Australia's east coast to explore the diversity of native plant life down under, and she recently toured gardens of Devon and Cornwall in England.

In 1976, Brenda began her studies at the University of Victoria and graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with the Environmental Studies Programme. After a year working in the Botany Division at the Provincial Museum (now the Royal British Columbia Museum), she returned to the University of Victoria and completed a Master of Science in Biology. The inspiration that kick-started her passion for native plants was her summer student position in the museum herbarium. Since this time she has given numerous workshops, community education classes and field trips on native plant gardening and wildflower identification.

Brenda spent over twelve years as the Assistant Curator in the Herbarium at the University of Victoria. She is currently the Garry Oak Botanist in the BC Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management where she writes Fact Sheets on plants at risk. She also co-instructs a course at the University of Victoria for the Restoration of Natural Systems Program entitled "Selection and Propagation of Native Plants for Ecosystem Restoration."

Brenda enjoys her own small townhouse garden, writing and photography. Since 1994 she has also cared for a series of pet rats named Malcolm, Arthur and Calvin: the last one perched on her lap as she wrote this book revision.

Author : April Pettinger with Brenda Costanzo
ISBN : 1-55285-331-4
Publisher : Whitecap Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $22.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 240

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