The Evening Garden
Flowers and Fragrance From Dusk till Dawson
This is a book about the evening garden...and as such, is quite an inspiration to those of you who want to take your gardens into the night...

Peter Loewer, besides being a writer, is also a botanical artist and you will find 160 of his line drawings throughout the book.

Included are chapters on night fragrance, night blooming daylilies (did you know there were night blooming daylilies?), moonlight gardens, water gardens with evening flowered waterlilies, and even lighting is discussed.

Review by Jodi DeLong

'What's left of your day,' inquires author Peter Loewer, 'after you┬╣ve met your commitments to family, home, job and community?' We're all busy with demands of time during the daylight hours, so why not develop a garden that shows its peak pleasures after sunset?

There are many reasons to garden with plants that show off their best features in the evening. Some plants do not open their blossoms until nightfall, or just before dusk arrives. Some flowers appear to be scentless during the day, but release heady fragrance as night deepens. Others attract nocturnal pollinators such as moths with their huge, dramatic blooms. Loewer explores the world of vision and how we perceive things at night, and offers ways to light our gardens (if desired) to highlight certain plants or simply create an atmosphere for entertaining. He profiles a number of plant types, such as evening primroses, daylilies (nightlilies?) vines and night blooming cacti, and also offers a chapter on the perfect accents to any moonlight garden; fireflies and glowworms.

Gardening enthusiasts who purchase new books primarily for their glorious colour photography will be disappointed in The Evening Garden; it is lavishly illustrated, but with black and white drawings done by the author, who is also a botanical artist. As he points out, in the limited light from the moon, plants do not show up in their colours, but rather in shades of grey, black and white; but even in these few colours there is exquisite beauty and drama to be experienced in the evening garden.

While this is a well researched book on gardening, it is also a graceful, poetic ode to the pleasures of the night garden. Loewer is another of those gifted garden writers who makes the reader feel like she's having a conversation with the writer. His prose is joyously descriptive and sings a siren song, tempting us to linger among the fragrance and magic of a garden in the night.

Author : Peter Loewer
ISBN : 0881925322
Publisher : Whitecap Books Ltd
Sugg. Retail Price : $24.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 256

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