How to Garden
the only garden book you will ever need
Do you think you have what it takes to be a greenthumb, but you don’t know a shrub from a climber? Do you worry when you’re gardening that you might dig up something you planted last year instead of a weed?

Most gardening books neglect beginners leaving basic questions unanswered and making it hard to develop an understanding of this rewarding pastime. How to Garden is a comprehensive guide to creating your own garden that has been long overdue. Assuming no prior knowledge, John Cushnie offers much-needed explanations about planting, watering, staking and pruning. He dishes the dirt on soil, lists essential tools for the garden shed, and provides illustrations of pests and diseases that will enable an aspiring gardener to cultivate with class.

Definitely a hands-on resource, the layout is flexible enough to hold in front of you while working outside, yet also makes an attractive tabletop reference. Using familiar terms, Cushnie describes different types of plants, gives step-by-step guidelines and encourages creative combinations to make your garden a paradise. He also takes the guesswork out of rescuing an overgrown site or developing an untouched plot. How to Garden is a book that effectively covers all the basic gardening concerns. Cushnie is a skilled teacher who presents the challenges of gardening and then provides strategies to overcome common speed bumps beginners may encounter.

During his 25 years as a gardener, writer and broadcaster, John Cushnie has gained a deep-rooted understanding of the questions novice gardeners ask. His outstanding first book, Ground Cover, was published in 1999.

The contents of this book were vetted carefully by the Master Gardeners at the UBC Botanical Gardens for its applicability to North American gardens, and passed their scrutiny with flying colours.

Author : John Cushnie
ISBN : 1552852423
Publisher : Whitecap Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $24.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 192

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