Basic Gardening
Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Garden Grow
Basic Gardening addresses a new generation of gardeners, and reinvents the pastime as enjoyable for all ages. Gone is the image of puttering quietly around a plot. The new gardener is stylish, urban and social. The personality quiz at the beginning of the book lets readers choose plants for their mood and lifestyle. The introduction takes the time to explain how to shop for gardening supplies, and grow and tend healthy, plants. The descriptions of the plants themselves are accessible, and special sections on plant Feng Shui (p. 95), cooking with herbs (p. 108) and special stylings (p. 90) are entertaining.

By Sybille Engels...

Basic Gardening is 100% pure gardening fun. Aimed at welcoming a new generation to this rewarding activity, this book shows that in gardening, as in life, you need a sense of humour and adventure.

In this entertaining and stylish book, readers can take a personality test to find out which plants suit them best. The look of a garden, the growth time of plants, and their desired arrangement can be chosen to suit different lifestyles. A gourmet would be best suited to the pleasures of purple basil, whereas for a person who is constantly running around, the fast-growing sunflower is a perfect fit.

The lively aesthetic style and carefree photography reflect a vibrant, youthful taste. Divided into two sections, readers first discover what they need to get started, and then learn the basics about plants that will complement their personal style. Catering to the young and young at heart, Basic Gardening features directions on how to use gardening to cultivate just the right atmosphere in apartments and tiny plots.

Basic Gardening is an excellent first gardening book because it focuses on the basics. So, whether your reaction to the first rays of spring sunshine is to rush out to a garden centre, lounge on a deck or hit a mall to reinvent your wardrobe, this book has a gardening plan for you.

Author : Sybille Engels
ISBN : 1552853306
Publisher : Whitecap Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $29.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 144

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