Roses for the Smaller Garden
Mark Mattock - Chairman of the British Rose Grower's Association, former director of Mattock's Roses and one of Britains's most respected authorities on roses - with these credentials its no wonder this is a tour-de-force on roses - the illustrations and pictures are stunning. The book provides the rose story, roses for the small garden, a collection of roses and the care of roses. The close up photos in the collection area make even the jaded gardener want to run out and fill their garden with these stunning flowers. Gardeners in Canada will have to translate the planting and care instructions somewhat to match our weather in some parts of the country, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this book.

Author : Mark Mattock
ISBN : 190384-512-2
Publisher : Whtecap Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $45.00
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 168

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