Colourful Hanging Baskets and Other Containers
Dynamic photographs highlight the themes and encourage experiments with lively hues, container types and planting schemes.

A Book Review by Jodi DeLong...

The authors of Colourful Hanging Baskets point out that 'the joy of hanging baskets and containers is that you can put colour exactly where you want.' For those who have only a balcony or terrace on which to garden, they can enjoy plants without having to till up soil, weed, or deal with pests. For those with actual yards and gardens, containers can provide a burst of colour to hide the ripening foliage of spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, or to provide instant gratification while newly planted perennials and annuals are becoming established. The types of containers and plants are only limited by the gardener's imagination and sense of adventure. Evelegh and Patterson provide a comprehensive instruction on the tools needed for good container gardening, recommendations for potting mixes, suggestions for planters--items as diverse as elegant urns to birdcages--and tips for success with container gardening. The strength of this book, however, is the selection of planting 'recipes': schemes of plants for containers broken down into ranges of colours. Each scheme is given a charming name: 'Lemon Syllabub' , starring plants in pale yellows; 'Flaming Whoppers' , featuring richly coloured tulips and wallflowers; 'Blue Lagoon' , with a mixture of cascading plants in shades of blues and purples. Each recipe gives a list of ingredients and step planting instructions, along with recommendations for care throughout the growing season. Many of the container plantings would look as good inside as outdoors, depending on the light conditions of the house. Lavishly illustrated with excellent photographs and with an appendix of alternative plants for use, this book will tempt the new container gardener as well as inspire the more experienced.

Author : Tessa Evelegh & Debbie Patterson
ISBN : 1-55285-217-2
Publisher : Whitecap Books Ltd.
Sugg. Retail Price : $12.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 108

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