Perennials for Ontario
Grouped into 86 entries, these species, varieties, hybrids and cultivars range from the easiest to grow to the challenging flowers.

Kathy Renwald and Alison Beck have put together a listing of over 520 perennials to meet Ontario's unique challenges, with 472 colour photos and lots of tips and solutions.

Again, like the Annuals, this is a very user friendly reference book. Listing flower and foliage colours and height ranges, blooming periods, how and when to start, light, water and nutrient needs and choosing the right plant for the right spot.

Excellent books for both new gardener and experienced...

Author : Alison Beck and Kathy Renwald
ISBN : 1-55105-262-8
Publisher : Lone Pine Gardening
Sugg. Retail Price : $21.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 344

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