Trowel Tips
Gardening Hints from Canada's Garden Guru
Trowel Tips deals with questions raised by Beattie's phone-in callers and gardening dilemnas he has solved over the years.

Love your garden but need help? Want advice for your gardening dilemmas? Then this would be a good place to start...packed with all kinds of information on mulching, pruning, planting, watering, and wintering your garden.

Review - by Jodi DeLong

“Good records make for great gardens,” says gardening guru Ken Beattie. In this pair of books is a complete kit for helping out the green thumb; Trowel Tips is packed with suggestions and ideas for dealing with all aspects of the garden, while the Gardening Journal is designed with plenty of space for recording your gardening adventures and misadventures. I particularly enjoy gardening books that are engaging and informative without being condescending, and Beattie’s writing fits that category.

It’s always helpful, when planning the coming season’s plantings and prunings, to look back on the previous year to see when the last day of frost was in spring, or how late the hummingbirds stayed, or when to plant those sweet peas. With Beattie’s journal, you can make notes about weather, plantings and harvestings, pop in drawings or photographs to help improve your notes, and also pick up more valuable gardening tips.

Author : Ken Beattie
ISBN : 1-894022-52-1
Publisher : Publishing Solutions / Centax Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $14.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 142

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