Apple Notes
(A Prairie Pomologist’s Letter Exchange)
(A Prairie Pomologist’s Letter Exchange)
Is produced primarily for fruit tree growers in prairie Canada. However, since its inception 5 years ago, this newsletter has attracted keen growers in other parts of North America where the growing of fruit trees are also considered a challenge due to harsh climatic conditions.

Growers subscribe from as far afield as New Brunswick, Alaska and the Northern Great Plains region of the USA. The latest views and growing methods are explained by enthusiastic pomologists, both amateur and professional.

The articles appeal to tree-fruit enthusiasts who like to experiment, to orchardists, and to those who aspire to some fruit breeding and selection.

The newsletter also affords contact with other fruit growers, and thus provides an opportunity to exchange scionwood.

Articles and grower opinions are encouraged by an editorial policy that rewards published contributions with a free one year subscription to Apple Notes.

One year, 4 issues $10.00 (US$10 for United States orders) includes GST and Postage. Please send order payable to University of Alberta
Roger Vick
Editor "Apple Notes"
Devonian Botanic Garden
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1
Fax 403-987-4141

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