Growing 101 Herbs That Heal
by Tammi Hartung
Over the past several years, the market for medicinal herbs and botanical medicines has surged in popularity. While it can be expensive to purchase organic medicines from some specialty shops, growing your own has never been easier. Growing 101 Herbs That Heal: Gardening Techniques, Recipes and Remedies is a concise and complete guide that combines gardening, cooking, crafts and natural healthcare into one manual. Easily accessible for both novices and experts alike, this book includes a range of different garden styles, from carefree wild gardens to raised beds and containers. You will also find a handy 66-page list of herbs, giving their personality, blooming traits, propagation and harvesting instructions, as well as their medicinal benefits and home pharmacy uses. Discover how easy and economical it is to add diversity and healing power to your garden. ISBN 1580172156 Softcover 35.95 CDN

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