More and more Canadian plant enthusiasts and nurserymen are turning to a privately published English magazine for all their information about new, rare and unusual plants. New rare and unusual PLANTS - A Journal for Plant Enthusiasts has now been established for three years and has subscribers in more than 16 countries across the world.

New rare and unusual PLANTS - A Journal for Plant Enthusiasts features the best of the new variegated plants released by major companies in the UK this year - and presents the background story of their discovery and development.

For more information contact: Editor / Publisher Dirk van der Werff on 01429 273921 or e-mail PLANTS archive site at

PLANTS is privately published and edited quarterly by plant enthusiast Dirk van der Werff in Hartlepool. It is aimed at the knowledgeable plant enthusiast and has found a niche in horticultural publishing within a space of only two years. Plant enthusiasts, nurserymen, Botanic Gardens, and plant wholesalers in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Belgium, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand now subscribe to this exciting specialist magazine.

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