In a Country Garden:Life at Ravenhill Farm
by Noel Richardson

"In a Country Garden takes readers outdoors into a herb-scented world of lambs and peacocks, tarragon, chives and purple broccoli. These lively and personal vignettes by Noel Richardson are portraits of a serene, fulfilling rural existence.

Richardson has been growing and cooking herbs on Vancouver Island for the past 16 years. Her writing provides glimpses of eccentric local chefs and her youngest daughter's garden wedding. There are childhood dinners, romantic settings and an inherited asparagus patch. An asparagus patch she writes, is a better inheritance than a stately home, a Picasso or a silver spoon.

Each summer, guests from around the world drop by Ravenhill Farm, and Richardson welcomes them. A visiting drama teacher peels and pits plums, and makes a winter's supply of plum sauce. A retired Irish engineer fixes doors, drawers and dripping pipes during his stay. "Guests are good for the soul" writes Richardson.

Along with her vignettes, she provides tips for growing and harvesting basil, planting arugula, cultivating strawberries and more. She also includes her favorite recipes. From French bread and barbecued salmon to lily petal chicken and lemon thyme cake, recipes end the sections in mouth watering style.

Readers with warm hearts and active tastebhuds won't put this book down."

Whitecap Books

ISBN 1-55110-399-0

16.95 softcover with french flaps

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