Living Things We Love to Hate:Facts, Fantasies, & Fallacies
by Des Kennedy

"Most of us would rather not study them closely, but Des Kennedy says most pests deserve our respect, not our abiding hatred. Living Things We Love to Hate may not inspire readers to run out and hug a garden slug, but it does offer a more harmonious way of looking at them - without automatically reaching for a can of poison!

Kennedy applied this scientific curiosity and lively wit to a study of twenty common pests, from dandelions to deer. Fascinating chapters include bats, alder, slugs, fleas, pigeons, flies, moss, mice, ravens, raccoons, spiders, starlings, snakes, stinging nettles, toads & frogs, wasps, wood decomposers and that most despised of animals - the rat.

From the brave resourceful rat to the acrobatic sex machine known as the slug, every species here has a surprise or two for the open-minded reader. Bats consume an astounding number of insects every night, engage in sophisticated radar subterfuge with moths, and would laugh at the idea of getting trapped in someone's coiffure. Stinging nettles and dandelions may make your lawn look scruffy, but they also have a multitude of food and medicinal uses. So before your reach for the weed killer or smoke bomb, read Living Things We Love to Hate"

Whitecap Books

ISBN 1-55110-019-3

14.95 softcover

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