Twelve Month Gardener
by Whitecap Books

"Gardening on the west coast, with its cagaries of soil and climate, is a chancy business at best. Although everything at it is unpredictable, west coast gardening offers rich rewards, as every dedicated gardener knows. There is no single month when one cannot be gardening and the Twelve Month Gardener shows readers how to make the best use of all the west coasts opportunities for extraordinarily beautiful and successful gardens."

"Organized into monthly chapters, pointing out each months particular rewards, a checklist of activities and concluding with a detailed section on a topic of interest...generous and informative appendices and resource lists full of details for the neophyte or expert"

"Five Master Gardeners have put this book together, drawing on the best and the worst that west coast gardeners may experience."

Newly Revised A personal review by Donna Dawson

Whitecap Books

ISBN 1-895099-93-5

softcover 22.95

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