New Perennials
A wonderful book to have handy ... it introduces you to new varieties plus the old favourites that are once again back in favour! This book combines the two creating an all new look. Planning, planting and maintenance are also included as well as sidebars with all kinds of helpful information.

A listing of the plants included along with the zones make choosing for your garden that much easier.

Softcover 16.95 Cdn (with French flaps ISBN 1-55110-821-6

Book Review Pat Shapiro New Perennials - The Latest And Best Perennials

Author: Jenny Hendy (with David Tarrant)

Publisher: Whitecap Books

Price: $16.95 in Canada


A good looking book, approximately 9" X 9", 144 pages with all-colour illustrations, at least one per page: close-ups and big pictures showing several plants together, to illustrate contrast and complimentary habits and colours.

First, a small quibble: David Tarrant, whom I know and respect, wrote only a tiny fraction of this book. This is Jenny Hendy's book, she need not use David's famous name as a hook: the book is great as it is and can stand on its own.

Useful both for experienced and for new gardeners, you will find lots of inspiration in "New Perennials" but also tons of practical everyday advice selecting plants and deciding which ones will go best together. This book says: life is short, try new things! Red and peach blossoms in front of deep purple foliage plants? It's different and looks great! "Palace Purple" heuchera next to a golden yellow hosta? What a great idea, can't wait to try it. A wonderful feature: the excellent sidebar lists of flower and foliage shapes, self-seeders, perennials by colours, by season, plants for shade, dry areas, moist and boggy spots, plants with interesting seedheads and good fall foliage colour, plants that one should cut back mid-season, self supporting plants and so on. These lists will come in handy when you are searching for "something" but don't know just what.

There are also useful "how-to" sections with series of little pictures to show you exact methods: preparing new ground, positioning plants in a border, planting, dividing perennials, mulching and propagating by various means such as seeds, root and softwood cuttings, divisions. This is where I found a great idea to rid oneself of perennial weeds growing thickly among perennial flowers: simply paint on a systemic weedkiller with a small brush! I can't wait to try this, if it works, the book has paid for itself many times.

Conclusion: a great book well worth the price and then some!

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