The Growing Season
"A personal review by Donna Dawson" - Joyce's book starts off with a definition of organic gardening... organic gardening seeks to restore balance to the gardn so that nature can do its job as efficiently as possible...and continues throughout giving us practical ideas to use in our own gardens.

Joyce breaks up the seasons and tells us in an easy to read format what to do when...this book is a wonderful book to have if you are a beginner gardener for it tells you from first hand experience the challenges you might face and how to overcome them. It tells you all about the little things that experienced gardeners sometimes forget and also reminds those gardeners that 'gardening is one activity about which you can never learn everything, never become bored. Around every garden awaits a new challenge and a new adventure'.

The table of contents starts with seed catalogs and ends with Christmas trees...and in between that you will find such headers as The Garden Journal: For impeccable planning, Working The Soil: It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it, War of the Weeds: It's either them or us, Gardening with Children: Beyond Jack in the Beanstalk, Watering: What to do when the rain dances don't work, Mulch: The lazy (but smart) gardener's best friend, Plant Diseases: Fungus leads the pack, Herb Gardens: every gardener needs one, Fall Planting: Growing down before growing up, Bambi Does Breakfast: and lunch and dinner, and a late night buffet, and on and on..

I love Joyce's wit and it shows in her book...and also in her columns that she writes for a couple of newspapers. She has quite a few up on the site and is also in the same gardens group that I am involved with.

This would be a good book to get now as it starts with winter and while waiting for that to be over, there are the seed catalogs....Day dreams or Pipe Dreams...

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