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ICanGarden.com began in 1995 by Master Gardener, Donna Dawson, with a view to providing information to gardeners. Since its origin, ICanGarden has grown to include information on over 500 garden clubs, almost 300 public gardens, over 8000 articles from over 150 garden writers, gardening events from around the world, over 1200 links, over 900 suppliers and thousands of forum and member items.

All of the articles posted are the property of the writers who have sole editorial control over the content and are solely responsible for the accuracy and the research. We provide a forum for garden writers of all backgrounds, not all of which may be considered main stream. On the occasions where someone takes objection to the assertions of an article and writer we are happy to allow that person to post their rebuttal. ICanGarden.com is not responsible for the accuracy or the content of the articles posted by its writers.

Donna Dawson - Background

As the owner/publisher of the Internet Web site, www.ICanGarden.com , Donna Dawson has received many awards and has been recognized in numerous publications. Begun in 1996, ICanGarden.com has grown to become Canada’s largest Internet gardening resource site with over 200 countries and several million unique visitors finding a gardening site to learn and grow.

In 1998 Donna began organizing and hosting gardening tours. Her custom designed garden tours, which change yearly due to repeat guests, can be seen at www.gardeningtours.com  She has also worked with Tourism agencies helping and hosting tours to their countries.

In 1995, Donna achieved her master gardener certificate through the University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden. She is a Director in her Region VII of the Garden Writers Association, Affiliate Member Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors and member North American Travel Journalists Association.

She has appeared in numerous gardening magazines including Homemaker's, Gardener for the Prairies, Gardens West, Canadian Gardening and Gardening Life, as well as local and foreign newspapers and Internet sites such as Familywave.com and iParenting.com where she is currently the expert on gardening. She is part of the expert panel at www.WorldReviewer.com with her specialty in gardens and writes for www.AccuWeather.com  She has also had the opportunity to provide photographs to European Homes & Gardens, BCAA and Doctor's Review.

She is currently living in the Republic of Panama, exploring a whole new world of plant material and writing about it in The Visitor, a weekly periodical for both the expat community as well as locals as it is published in Spanish and English. Her articles have also appeared in Vivir Bien, a lifestyle magazine in Panama as well.

One of the hobbies that she has is collecting photos of seating from around the world while on her travels. Those can be seen under the Pix area of www.icangarden.com along with all the trips and tours she had taken over the years – be advised though – this is not an area you will want to leave!!

ICanGarden.com is her way of bringing gardeners together from all over the world, to share their trials and successes as well as learn from the thousands and thousands of garden articles by writers from all over the world. They can find out what is happening in the Events area, and if they need a garden club or supplier, they will find it. The tours only site brings gardeners together to share in the joy of seeing how others garden and to go home with both great memories and new found friends.

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