This was a wonderfully romantic place to tranquil and colourful. The old buildings are of considerable architectural and historic interest. Edward Hussey in the 1830's had the imagination to see how the medieval Scotney Castle could be transformed from derelict dwelling into quaint ruin. The castle was built between 1378-80 and for 350 years it was the home of the Carell family.
Around 1640 much of the castle was demolished and the masonry used in a new three storey east range of which only the walls are still the mid 18th century they were forced to sell and in 1778 Edward Hussey bought the castle and began piecing the rest of the estate back together.

The first picture shows the new house and below that is the quarry where the stone was taken for the house...the second and third are of Scotney Castle ringed by a moat, as it stands now...the fourth is of the Venetian Well-head...the fifth of a Venetian font and the last is on the other side of the Castle, where I thought this was a most wonderful view...

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