Garden Showcase

Brenda – Yarmouth, NS, Canada

I live in Yarmouth Nova Scotia and have built this tiny garden in 8 years. There was nothing in it when we moved here. No flowers. No arbours.Only very long weedy grass.

And big larburnham tree in a corner and a small lilac tree that got grown very big.

I have made a pathway at the back by the fence we put up behind the beds and my grandchildren call it their secret forest when everything is grown up.They walk along it and pretend they are in a forest.

I am also made a colourful flower garden on the side and the front of the house.

Here are my poppies by the little summerhouse we built from peoples throway windows and wood. It started as a greenhouse but nothing grew under the laburnham.So we put a floor down and turned it into a little summerhouse.

My front walkway last summer with lots of calandulas and snapdragons

My walkways this spring. All the pansies came back

My alliums in front in early June this year. And the dahlias are from last July
The back garden in July last year
My little summerhouse.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I have so many more photo's...But thats enough.LOL. Brenda O'Connell


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