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Barb in Vernon, BC

30+ year old Jade Tree in Bloom from Barb lives in Vernon, BC

I have a little par 3 golf course that is, naturally, closed all winter. The clubhouse is heated, but unused. My jade tree starts to bloom around mid-December and by the time I open the golf course again mid to late March, there are still a few flowers left but most have fallen onto the floor by then. Some years it blooms 4 months, some only 3.

It used to live in my house but has done better since moving it to the clubhouse, which has given my a clue as to its preferences (after 30+ years, ha ha): winter very cool temps 45-50 F. Located only inches from east and south facing huge windows, no water (until March). Plant only in an unglazed clay pot, and don't be in a hurry to size up the pot. This 125 lb. clay pot (weighed empty) is only the fourth repotting in 30 years.

At the end of April, it takes 4 of us to get it out the door onto our patio where it gets full sun only early mornings, then shade from a 10-foot overhang the rest of the day. It stays there through wind and hailstorms, 100 degree F summer days, and all manner of accidents: kids spilling pop on it, to name one. I just hose it down every two days.


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