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Living in the north country I have been told will be challenging and heartbreaking,,Zone 3b,,,why bother they said.,,,obviously this was said by a non-gardening soul. In the last 5 years I have over an acre of 1000s of rocks carefully collected by myself and my husband. I have planted anything from poppy, cannas lilies, daffodils to purple datura and had wonderful results. I have over 175 hosta,(mostly giants)..they still haven't fully matured but I am waiting patiently. My pond is the most rewarding peaceful area of my garden,,next summer it will be bigger as I have had to bring the 6inch *KIDS* for the winter. . I have no deer problems (touch wood). This season I'm excitedly waiting to try my hand with Brugmansia..I have 2 sleeping in my friends *cool cellar*.I thank my lucky star everyday for taking gardening on..The rewards are a hundred threefold

Thank you for making your wonderful site exciting and easy to find everything I need to keep me busy till the spring..Kathy


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