Garden Showcase

Chris and Dave,
Mississauga, Ontario

I am sending pix of my garden in Mississauga, Ontario. When we moved into this house 25 years ago, there was grass, a few old roses, bushes and a couple of trees. Having moved here from the south of England and our having had an English country style garden there, it was quite a shock having such a bare yard!! Also I had to learn a lot about gardening in Canada as compared to England, where just about anything you even throw at the ground grows!!

Freezing winters and hot dry summers were not something I was used to!!

However, after much trial and a lot of error, I think we have finally made ourselves our own piece of heaven to go home to!! Hope you enjoy the view as well.

I will send these pix in more than one email because I don't have high speed internet, so I can't send too many at one time.

Chris and her garden digger and helper, Dave


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