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Linda's Garden - Zone 3b
North Bay _ON

I live in NorthEastern Ontario and we have a very large backyard which is approx 1/2 acre/250'. When we first moved here about 18yrs ago, the backyard lawn was like dry hay and as the year evolved we just added one flower bed - we have 5 so far and all are filled with perennials ,along with a vegetable garden (which is huge and got even bigger this year) that we use for eating and preserving. We also planted blueberries, raspberries, saskatoon berries and have 3 apple trees. so needless to say we are very busy all spring and summer. The pond was added 4 yrs ago and this is where I like to go at the end of the day to sit and relax and watch the fish - last year we even had a visit from a Heron - he loved our fish by the way. This garden is my haven and my little peace of heaven.

Hope you enjoy my pictures.


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