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Dorothy's Garden - Zone 5a

I live in a rural area, and have a very large garden. I am very interested in grasses and have about 2 dozen different varieties. I live in a zone 5a but sometimes can cheat a bit, as my property is quite sheltered. I have been gardening seriously for about 5 yrs now, and have a greenhouse which I am learning is also quite a challenge. I work full time, but every minute I can spare I am in the garden. I have several composters and don't spray at all, and so have lots of birds.

This years project is a pond, and of course being on a large property, can go big. We are collecting rocks from all around the area, and stock piling them ready for the project, which we are going to attempt to make as natural as possible. However, since we are on a well, we must be careful to try and plant as many drought tolerant species, and native species as possible, to try and conserve water.

Next year we have plans to xeriscape the front of the house, which will be a large project as the house is 70ft wide, faces North, and is on very sandy and infertile soil. Ah, we gardeners love a challenge.

I am attempting to grow Hosta from seed this year, and have 60 varieties of seed to try. Also I joined the Ontario Rock Garden Society, and was able to be in their seed exchange and have 60 varieties of seed to attempt to germinate. So all in all a busy year ahead.

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