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As a matter of interest for those of you who were spared the January '98 ice storm, have a look at the White Birch on the front lawn with Rose border. Note the right trunk that split from the crotch at about 7 feet right down to about a foot from the ground where it abruptly became horizontal, stretching out 25 to 30 feet. My son, who had " rescued " his mother, on returning her from his Ottawa home commented , " You won't try to save that ! " .

Well , I had no idea what might come of it, but in time I began to take his comment as a challenge and began to amputate its heaviest limbs because it was obvious there was no way I could raise it without reducing its weight by at least 50 % And, of course, ALL branches on the lower side, frozen in solid ice had to be completely removed.

Then, over a 10-day period I raised it a bit each day until I was able to get an extension ladder under it, gradually heaving it past the 45 degree point. Now it became a matter of climbing as high as possible up the sturdiest vertical trunk, using clotheslines, pulling from the top and pushing the extended ladder from below, finally securing the lines as taut as possible at 4 separate levels to the sturdiest trunks/ branches of the " clump " that were drooping badly in the opposite direction and could well use this support as they still continue to do. As a final support, I drilled a hole 3 feet above ground, inserted a 3/4 inch bolt, and with the help of humungous washers pulled the two halves tightly together where they seem to be living happily ever since, The washers now have the appearance of being countersunk and in time will probably be completely absorbed.. One washer or bolt end is visible in the picture. Different toys for grown- up boys ! ! !
Cheers, Ed.

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