The Northwest Flower & Garden Show
February 2002

I left from Edmonton, Alberta Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and arrived in Seattle at 12.20 after a short stop in Vancouver. Got to my hotel, unloaded my carry on and then proceeded to the flower show. It was only a couple of blocks away and I was really quite happy about that because I had suffered with the flu the week before and was still a bit weak from it all. The fresh air was wonderful and refreshing.
The show this year had expanded in size and it was welcome. It was 3 and one half acres, but is now 7 acres! The aisles were nice and wide, and the gardens had more room around them to enjoy. The booths with all the garden goodies were loaded...and I was royally miffed that I could not bring anything back that cost me more than 50.00 CDN in total ... what can you buy with that I muttered to myself ...
I was only there for the day, so wanted to make the most of it. I went around the gardens (28 of them) at least twice and through the booths (400 of them!), enjoying all the special garden items that are made in this area as well as throughout the U.S. But tempt me not, I sure could have bought some things ... I placated myself knowing that I would be at Canada Blooms shortly where I could get anything I wanted!! Just had to carry it home ... :)
I was impressed with the layout this nice and roomy. The different rooms held the gardens, the booths, the Bonsai and Ikebana displays and upstairs a huge room filled with orchids (showcasing 20,000 orchids) on display and for sale ... what colour and variety as well as the children's gardens.. There was a great line up of speakers (over 100 seminars) but I must confess I didn't listen because I wanted to see the show. I also felt that if I sat down for too long it would be the end of me ... :)
I enjoyed the Cool Plant Corner, where specialty nurseries presented their out of the ordinary plants.
I truly enjoyed the variety of gardens this year ... from the pastel garden of Flowers and Flamingos to the burst of colour from the Still Growing After All These Years Garden. I have always tried in whatever garden I visit to take home something of value from being in or seeing that garden...the only one I didn't see any value in was the one with the shipwreck in it...perhaps it is because I don't have children, but I just found it quite messy ... Children loved it though, so how can I complain!!
I also took some pictures of the floral displays that were you could get an idea of what was there and how big they some of the orchids, Ikebana displays and just the general show area where all the booths were.
The hotel that I stayed at was called the Camlin ... I received wonderful service and could not get over the size of their rooms ... it's an older hotel and has rooms big enough that having a king size bed doesn't make it seem small at all. The coffee was great and very welcome on Sunday morning. 
Sunday morning I walked up and down Pine St. just taking in the fresh air and sights ... it wasn't too long before I had to leave for the airport again ... and back home to the snow!
A wonderful respite to the winter ... and if you get the chance, take it in next year! Oh, and I did manage to bring home a beautiful watercolour print of pink poppies and two packages of sweet pea seeds ... I could not pass up the fact that 180 seeds cost 2.00 U.S.

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