The Philadelphia Flower Show
March 2002

Sightseeing Pictures

Now that you have had a taste of the Flower Show, I thought it would be nice to include some pictures of the scenery that I saw while on my Trolley Tour. I moved over to the Warwick Hotel for the next couple of days, this was a great area to get out and about in the older part of the city where the history is...
You will even see a picture of me taking a picture of the inside of the trolley...that was so much fun, I took the whole tour twice and hopped off in the Old City because I wanted to see Betsy Ross's house - where the first American Flag was sown together! It's a bit hard to see, but the one outside the house is what it looked like. A circle of 13 stars at that time! You can see her grave that is under a big tree by her home. She is buried there with her husband. The original design from the flag came from Continental Congress member Francis Hopkinson. The flag was adopted on June 14, 1777.
Then I ran down to Elfreth's Alley - this is the first street in Philly. The picture of the alley is just under the sign and there you can see more of the flags. This alley has a wonderful story behind it. Seems that is was named this because the fellow had a habit of marrying women who lived here and each time they died, they left him the house. He owned four of them! They were taxed on the frontage of their homes and that is why the frontage of these homes are only 9 feet wide.
Of course I wanted to also take a picture of this plaque of Benjamin Franklin...this is where he is buried. You will notice that his grave has pennies on it...the trolley guide said it was quite funny that they were there, because it was he who said "a penny saved is a penny earned".
While on the trolley tour, I had the chance to get a wonderful feeling about the area..the history and the many things to do while here...I could have spent a week just going to museums, gardens and just walking around...You will recognize the Liberty Bell, we had to go through security here in order to get in and see it, but it was worth the wait. The bell was a gift from England in 1751 and developed a crack while tolling for the funeral of John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. You will see the Rodin Museum with a replica of 'The Thinker' in front of it. This Rodin Museum contains the largest exhibit outside of the original museum...126 works of art. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Rocky was filmed running down those steps. I took a picture of the wonderful coloured columns that you can see...a beautiful old Catholic Cathedral with the verdigris dome.
The things I liked looking at were the differences in architecture...look at the Art Deco work on one of the Museums, it used to be the Mutual Life Insurance Company...look at the pictures showing the old and the new, look at the statues. It's very hard to take a picture of gold in daylight, but there is one there of Joan of Arc in Gold that was a gift from France. The city is full of artwork, mainly because with any construction, the builders have to provide a certain percentage of what it costs in artwork that is displayed, so you have widely different types of art now. See the one with the LOVE sculpture on it? That picture was taken looking straight down towards the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
The Welcome gate was a gift from China and in turn they got a replica of the Liberty Bell. This weighs in at 80 tons and is all carved stone and 44 feet high. It was presented to the city on the bi-centennial in 1976.
The Reading Terminal was once part of the railroad, now it is part of the convention center and when they cleaned it they discovered that it had two different colours of red, the red of the brick and the stone had red in it as well...a beautiful building!
Of course you see the City Hall with the statue of William Penn on it...his statue is 37 feet tall and weighs 27 tons...they are sand blasting it to clean it right now, so you can really see the difference it will make when completed.
The round building that you can see with the smaller round top - forgive me as I got this while on the trolley...was once part of the the top someone would stand and as they saw the ships coming in they would figure out who it was owned by then run downstairs where they would bid on the contents of the ship sight unseen...
There is a picture there of some homes right on the water...this is known at Boathouse Row and the picture was taken right at the top where the Philadelphia Museum of Art is.
This doesn't take into account all the walking I did either...this is some city for things to do and places to eat!
Well, hopefully we will get there again next year...looking forward to that!

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