The Philadelphia Flower Show
March 2002

I was up bright and early Sunday morning because I had heard that this was a great show and didn't want to be late. I stayed at the Marriott so it was just a matter of walking across the pedway and there I the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the Philadelphia Flower Show 2002. The first thing to catch you eye with wonderment is the can see it - the third picture at top. This was filled with Cymbidium orchids and green apples!
In these pictures you are seeing some of the displays, arrangements and things that caught my eye. I was amazed at the various floral displays that were part of the American Institute of Floral Designers ... there were 31 of them all displayed like living sculptures in an old museum! The garden displays were beautiful, whimsical and the main show garden, called "A Garden For The Senses circa 1850", taking up 7600 square feet of space was a wonder to behold. There was a 27' tall post and beam 'home' in the center of the gardens complete with mythical inhabitants going about their daily activities.
In all there were 100 full scale displays, 2500 individual plant entries, botanical illustrators, artwork, bonsai, ikebana, topiary, houseplants, entryways, balconies, orchids, window boxes, hanging baskets, mini arrangements, a jewelry class, and to top that off, there were over 200 booths that you could wander around and find whatever your heart desired.
During the show they also had lectures, demonstrations and culinary demonstrations led by some of the leading chefs in the area.
I took in the show on Sunday but decided against taking any photographs because I knew that I would be there again on Monday for the GWAA meeting. We arrived before the show started so that gave me ample opportunity to take some pictures before the crowd arrived. Then afterwards I could just slowly wander around and catch anything I happened to miss.
It was worth the was a great show, and when you consider that this show will attract over 275,000 people through the 10 acre exhibition, it's no wonder that they put so much into the show.
Look for a possible tour that I am thinking of putting together for this show next year!

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