Progress of a Painting
by Heather

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I am writing to let you know that painting is officially done. I sat down and thought about the project from start to finish the other day and realized that it has taken me roughly 90 hours to complete. This would be from the first time I put a pencil to the canvas and drew the whole thing out, to the monochromatic understudy and finally applying the final color. As you know, it is a 24"x36" oil painting that I have been working on as a "gift" for my parents.

This painting was a real labor of love and I can honestly say that while I am very glad to be done (and am thrilled with how it turned out), I also don't really know what to do with myself now! It's like an empty-nest syndrome.
Heather lives in St. Albert, where I used to live. In April of 2008 she asked me for permission to take my photo of this rhododendron and paint it for her Mother and Father as part of her study for her painting class. We are going to put up the progress of this piece so that you can see it for yourself … I am so excited to see this progress and I hope you are too!
In October of 2008 she sent me the first draft of it. She has started the color portion of the painting. ‘The underpainting was done in a monochromatic color scheme which I hope will go a long way in enhancing the final product.’ This painting will measure 24” x 36” when completed.
As you can see in the rocks, there is a lot of color which is part of what attracted me to this particular picture.

To do: I have done a lot of work on the rocks and the leaves. The rocks are near completion - some minor fine tuning here and there, but I think they've come along. Boy were they a lot of work! The flowers, as you may notice are still in black and white with the exception of the bottom bloom. I'm not happy with the color/tone that has come out so will be redoing it. There is still some black and white/grey in the top right corner that needs attention as well. The rocks themselves have probably taken me about 12 hours so far (from the black and white to now). I only get a chance to paint for about 3 hours during my class at Hidden Talent here in St. Albert.

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