Was Mardi McColm's Backyard - Now Jen & Ben's :}


mardi's yard #1
One of 2 new beds this year -- 2 Clematis, Winnipeg grape, and honeysuckle should cover the fence next year. On the right an old milk can spray painted green and planted with Allyssum. On the left (not visible unfortunately), a toilet left over from house renovations also painted green and filled with carpet petunias.

mardi's yard #2
Our pride and joy -- the pond! A constant source of "babbling brook" sound, bird watching and flower colors changing through the summer.

mardi's yard #3
Looking left from the pond at what was an unsightly garden shed -- now painted and covered with Virginia creeper and hops.

mardi's yard #4
Another view of the pond and surrounding perennials -- lupine, Miss Wilmot potentilla, creeping jenny to name only a few.

mardi's yard #5
This is our "hot and dry" bed against the house -- southern exposure. We're still working on getting the right plants here to compliment 3 clematis, honeysuckle and perennial sweet pea.

mardi's yard #6
Another view of "hot" bed and island shrub including a dolgo crab, variegated dogwood and golden ninebark.

mardi's yard #7
Can you believe we love our pond?!

mardi's yard #8
Soon the back fence will be covered with clematis and honeysuckle to provide a backdrop for shasta daisies, daylilies, potentilla, delphiniums and maltese cross.
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