Malaysia Tour – June 2004
Kuala Lumpur- Miri – Mulu
Kuching – Kuala Lumpur
June 9 - 19th, 2004



June 18
The big upside down hats are at the Kuching airport and we are getting ready to leave for KL. Our guide is shown with Louise, one of our group. The next shots are those of my room at the Mutiara Kuala Lumpur. All the covers on our beds were silk then soft cotton sheets. Great for sleeping. This hotel I really liked because it had a rainforest shower…my record was three showers in one day while on this trip. Some night shots then Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant for an incredible dinner.

June 19
There was a big car race on this weekend, but we could not make the time to
go..The Japan GT Championship Malaysia at Sepang Circuit.. I would have
loved it! But we were going to the famous Petronas Twin Towers. These are the tallest twin towers in the world but alas, we could only go to the 44th floor where the viewing walkway is between the two towers. Entrance is free but they release only 1250 tickets per day and by 10 a.m. the tickets are usually gone. A wonderful view of KL from here. Stephen took my picture (it is so seldom I get in any pictures on my tours) There are beautiful garden surrounding the towers.

Then we took a Heritage Trail walk. One visit was to a small church where we walked in on a wedding. They must have thought this was some very special wedding when we started talking pictures of it. Their sweet little car was all decorated for the occasion. Such a young couple and he in his running shoes! Many more pictures of the city…a beautiful Chinese Temple, followed by a small florist shop. I asked the price of these bouquets and was very surprised. They were 35 ringgits with the roses and a bit more if lilies were in them. (about 12.00 CDN) Louise and I each bought a garland of jasmine buds (these are used in the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple next door for offerings. We wanted to wear them because they smelled so wonderful as they opened up. We visited the temple and were invited to partake of some of the offerings given. We later had a traditional Malay lunch that was so good! We toured a batik shop, then visited the city market. Louise and I decided to do a bit of walking around on our own, discovering hidden places…the first picture here is of a girl standing in front of a huge pot of eggs steeping in tea and spices that smelled so sweet. Then a visit to the Old China Café…we had a cup of Cameron Hills Tea in the original 1927 china, sitting at the original marble topped table on the original chairs.
What this cafe could tell you if the walls could speak. Today those tables would cost you 16,000 RM each.. Nancy the store manager speaks five languages and was a great source of information on this café.

Right next door was a tea shop – While Louise was picking up some gifts, I was taking pictures and spotted some people sitting around sipping tea.
They invited me to sit where I soon discovered that this was a very out of the ordinary tea gathering…they were tea buyers and were bidding on a special shipment that had just come in. The teas they offered me were about 40 and 30 years old. They were bidding on a 50 year old tea that started out at 4500 ringgits for the round. The teas I tasted were out of this world in flavour, aftertaste and smoothness…what a treat to be here just at this time.

Finally through the night market…this is where you can buy Gucci, Burberry etc for next to nothing, then back to the hotel.

Now, a final few pictures of the hotel, the pool and some plants around it.
‘I am sitting in my room which looks out to the Petronas Towers, after a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruits, cheese, orange juice, croissants and coffee going over the fact that I have been here since June 8 and the time has gone so quickly. This trip has really been such an incredible experience. The people welcome you every where you go. Sometimes we could not understand each other but patience and a smile worked wonders. They realize that tourism is a major ingredient to their countries economy and continue to improve on making it tourist friendly while I think still maintaining the eco tourism aspect.’

I wish I could take my jasmine necklace home with me – it is smelling so sweet, but I must leave it, and take just the memories of a very unique and warm ‘Malaysia – Truly Asia’ …until next time, my rattan slippers wait to take me on another journey.


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