Malaysia Tour – June 2004
Kuala Lumpur- Miri – Mulu
Kuching – Kuala Lumpur
June 9 - 19th, 2004



June 17
I took a little water taxi over to the other side of the river to visit the Orchid Garden. The orchids were incredible…so many and so healthy. See the little orchid with the big leaves – that is the state flower. Phalaenopsis violacea or Normah orchid.

After that I walked to the hotel for breakfast then headed out again to so some sightseeing of my own. I bought Tom one of these beautiful handmade ‘hats’ with its own container so that he would have this for his sushi. In the afternoon I took a boat cruise. That big building is our hotel. My room is there as well plus some shots from the window down on to the boys practicing in their boats. In the morning the humidity was so high it was falling like a mist. In the evening you could hear at least 5 different prayer groups …it was magical.

The next picture intrigued me because I have never seen it done here but think it should be. I was in a coffee shop and getting an iced coffee.
They have the blenders behind these doors…what a novel idea. Nice and quiet.. they fill them up, put them in one and then press that big square white button.


  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row