Malaysia Tour – June 2004
Kuala Lumpur- Miri – Mulu
Kuching – Kuala Lumpur
June 9 - 19th, 2004



June 16
The little airport you see here is Mulu Airport and the plane is the one we are boarding to take us to Kuching. We are now in Kuching, a city of about 500,000. We have lunch in a local restaurant then the group picks up some goodies before heading to Semenggoh Wildlife Sanctuary and the Orangutans.
What a privilege to be so close to them in their natural environment. We were told to keep a good distance away because these animals are very strong and we are in their home. Delima the mother had her little baby Salina tucked safely in her arms but I did manage to get a picture of her. Her brother Anuar was playing around and trying to get some food. The one of her feeding Salina is precious. We then went further into the forest to see if we could spot some more and came back out again to meet Dora with her boy Murray. Murray and Anuar are fighting for the bananas. The plant you see now is a pepper plant…did you know that Malaysia makes some of the best pepper in the world?

Next are a few misc. pictures as we toured around. Malaysia is a very green country, in fact 70 percent is virgin forest. I had to take a picture of this temple because it was not the temple that attracted me but the head stones. I asked about these and was told that they actually buried with a head stone and footstone each pointing in the opposite direction. Very hard to make sense of what was head and what was foot but I am sure they know.
Another market to visit – fresh fruit to try like tiny little oranges that were very tangy. Sunsets were beautiful here and so were sunrises. Four of us went down the street a bit from the hotel to a local ‘fast food’ strip mall…this one was all seafood. We ate huge shrimp in garlic, wine and ginger, rice, fiddlehead greens, vegetables and drinks for 62 RM or about 21.00 CDN. Delicious!


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