Malaysia Tour – June 2004
Kuala Lumpur- Miri – Mulu
Kuching – Kuala Lumpur
June 9 - 19th, 2004



June 12
Now to the Ngabang Gawai Dayak or Festival. After the opening ceremony we had much to see and listen to. Music from different areas of Malaysia, costumes, customs and food. It was fantastic. I could not get over how respectful each different religion is towards the other, how they share their country with each other and guests like us. The crafts are beautiful and it was very hard to resist, but I did buy a few things. These wonderful, wonderful people just welcomed us, shared with us and left us all with lasting impressions of a country you wanted to see more of. I then took a bit of a break and walked across the road to a park and discovered a peaceful place to sit and relax. Full of palm oil palms, water, clipped hedges. Back to the festival, I caught sight of the King and Queen leaving after it was over, then some shots of the evening entertainment. Kind of hard to see, but there were close to 50,000 people there I am told. We had reserved seating and all of us wore special shirts and hats that were given to us. I took a picture of an old women in her tribal dress. Note her earlobes. This is traditional for them, but this is likely the last generation that will do this to their ears.


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