Malaysia Tour – June 2004
Kuala Lumpur- Miri – Mulu
Kuching – Kuala Lumpur
June 9 - 19th, 2004



June 11
We had our business meeting to attend which was split into two different meetings that we all attended. There were attendees from Thailand, Japan, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Switzerland, U.S., South Africa and Canada. After this we had a wonderful lunch then set out for some sightseeing.

The picture of the branch is that of the Flame of the Forest tree. Our next stop was to a Chinese Temple which was just beautiful. Then we stopped at the Pasar Tamu for some shopping, which of course we all did. The central market was fantastic..the variety of fruit and vegetables was super. That brown fruit that you see in a hand was one I tasted, quite neutral really in flavour. Also tasted jackfruit. The pineapples are all local and can you believe that whole pineapples cost 1 ringgit or about 35 cents each! You also see a picture of small corn and durian, which you could smell a mile away…I never did taste that. The bananas were the sweetest I have ever tasted and the flowers in front of them are the banana flower.


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