Hampton Court
Flower Show 2002


Day 1 Chiswick, Kew
Day 2 RNRS Garden of the Rose, Hatfield House
Day 3 Waddesdon, Chenies
Day 4 Hampton Court
Day 5 Beth Chatto, RHS Hyde Hall
Day 6 Highwood Ash
Day 7 Free Day

Our last day was our free day, so after breakfast I headed to Buckingham Palace to pick up my timed entry ticket for the Royal Treasures, a Golden Jubilee Celebration.  While waiting to get in I took the opportunity to walk around a bit and lo and behold if I didn’t run into the Changing of the Guard.  What a sight to see and the people sure seemed to enjoy all the marching and playing.  I later walked down the Mall and took a few pictures, then headed back to go into the exhibition. 

After viewing this I headed over to St. James Park and to Spencer House and a guided tour.  What a treat to go through this place.  This was the first neo-classical house built in London and was it impressive.  At the entrance to St. James Park, you will see a picture of a gate that I took, this is the Canada Gate.  Also a picture of the famous Christie’s Auction House.

A leisurely walk back to my hotel, time for a short nap then packing, dinner our last time together and home the next morning.  Another wonderful tour and new friendships made.


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  • Kids Garden
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