Hampton Court
Flower Show 2002


Day 1 Chiswick, Kew
Day 2 RNRS Garden of the Rose, Hatfield House
Day 3 Waddesdon, Chenies
Day 4 Hampton Court
Day 5 Beth Chatto, RHS Hyde Hall
Day 6 Highwood Ash
Day 7 Free Day

Saturday was a visit to Beth Chatto’s garden.  Beth had just been awarded an OBE from the Queen the week before our visit.  This garden always impresses me and I cannot help but take picture after picture…


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In the afternoon we went to RHS Hyde Hall, again a garden that I had seen before and have pictures of from previous tours…it was in beautiful form and the view is awesome.


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  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row