Hampton Court Flower Show

1pt.gif (86 bytes)I had a hard time picking out what I wanted to show you and yet keep it down in size ... I hope you enjoy this years show. This show contains mostly water garden displays, over 20, and other displays as well. I have a picture of a sign that is a water garden tribute to Latour-Marliac, who was born in 1830 and was a pioneer in the field of hybridizing the brilliant colours of the tropical water lilies into the hardy species. There are about 70 species attributed to his name. There is a picture also of the garden that contained his plants.
1pt.gif (86 bytes)I took a picture of the Rose of the Year 2002, codename MACamster, now I don't know if this is the same as Matawhero Magic, but it does look very similar. Happy Memories is a rose that is a shrub and I really liked this one as well. I took the picture of Dianthus 'Pheasant's Eye' because it was so pretty - been around since the 17th Century and a plant of special interest because there are so few left. The last few pictures are of some of the displays at the show - only about 800 to tempt you, but don’t try taking some of this stuff home in your suitcase!
1pt.gif (86 bytes)After I was finished at the show, I took time to walk back slowly and admire the beauty of this place ... what a wonderful venue for a show. I bought a ticket to go see the Privy Garden again because I so enjoyed it last year. These pictures are inside the Privy Garden and were full of colour. I watched a fellow clipping the hedges - at least he used an electric hedge clipper! I then went to see the Great Vine, a grape vine that is enclosed in it's own greenhouse. You can see the grape clusters hanging and there is also a close up shot of one. I have tasted the grapes from a sibling of this vine growing here in Canada and they are very sweet.
1pt.gif (86 bytes)There is also a shot of the rose garden on the other side of the Palace, which I think is about a block square and enclosed in a walled garden so all the fragrances mingle and delight. I sat there for a bit just to close my eyes and breath it all in.

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