Coggeshall, England

1pt.gif (86 bytes)This was one of our 'extra' stops, where we took time to have lunch and walk a bit afterwards...the movie 'Lovejoy' was filmed here and I took this picture of a wonderful remnant of history. This house was built in 1560 and look how straight it still stands!.

After we took lunch, Hilda, my guide and I walked along some quiet streets and happened upon this sight ... this was the view from a small bridge where a small stream passes along ... what a delight and the picture of the flowers that you see is really quite special to this area of is called Pargeting and the best is freehand. We think this is what this is as each panel is different. 'Ornamental work in plaster; a facing of plaster with ornamental designs in relief or indented, used for decoration of walls. Also called Pargeting or Pargetting. From the old French 'par jeter' to throw or cast over a surface.' To find out more about it, just type in the word pargeting in something like

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