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GWA Symposium
Long Island, NY
September, 2004

Saturday Connie Cross Sunday Ivy Acres
Saturday Dennis Scrader Monday Old Westbury
Saturday Bed & Borders Monday Planting Fields
Sunday Carol Mercer Tuesday St. Marks
Sunday Robert Dash Tuesday Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Sunday Tarr Garden Tuesday New York

Our next visit was to Beds & Borders, again a wholesale supplier of cutting edge annuals and tender perennials. It was founded by Kathy Pufahl who sadly passed away this year, but known throughout the horticulture world for using unique plants in sophisticated ways. Her family was there to accept an award on her behalf and will carry on the tradition of offering unique plants to gardeners. It was a wonderful chance to grab some shots of plants, tour the greenhouses where there was a memorial set up amongst the plants of Kathy and then we were offered our box lunch to eat while on the coach back to the hotel, in time to check out the great booths that had been set up for us to visit.

The great thing about visiting the supplier booths, is that you can get all the latest scoop on what is coming out for the coming years, see new plants and products that are not even out yet and I might note that these suppliers are very generous in give a ways, including plants! Now, this was a problem for me but I made sure that they were given to someone in the U.S. who could at least take them home with them. Lots of other stuff though to bring home, including some new sprinklers and watering can from Dramm, some new garden gloves from Foxgloves and Gardenworks. Seeds from Renee's Seeds, even books. It is a great time as we all scurry around seeing what is being given away, enjoying a glass of wine or beer as we do this and all the while find time to chat with each other.



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