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GWA Symposium
Long Island, NY
September, 2004

Saturday Connie Cross Sunday Ivy Acres
Saturday Dennis Scrader Monday Old Westbury
Saturday Bed & Borders Monday Planting Fields
Sunday Carol Mercer Tuesday St. Marks
Sunday Robert Dash Tuesday Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Sunday Tarr Garden Tuesday New York

On to Brooklyn Botanic Garden - I had seen New York Botanical Garden last year (see New York 2003 in Pix area of site) so wanted to see this one now.

There is much here for you to enjoy, but I have to think my favourites were the Japanese pond and the water lily ponds. This was followed by a lunch in the Palm House and then we were off to Battery Park for a walk through to Winter Garden. In Battery Park, Piet Oudolf has designed some gardens along the wall. It was a beautiful walk with the sun shining and so many people out enjoying the day. We saw the new Lynden Miller planting in Wagner Park, the new garden outside the Museum of Jewish Heritage... all very beautiful and enjoyed by so many people. There is also a very beautiful garden that is part of the Irish Hunger Memorial. It is a very powerful reminder of what happened in 1845 and that we should not forget to think about our future.



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