Garden Writers Association Regional Meeting Kentville, Nova Scotia 2002



Day 2 – Jamie Ellison spoke on natives in the Maritimes and I see that I have not taken a picture of him…I hope he forgives me…J  then Tawnya MacNeil spoke on tissue culture technology and we finished off that morning with Joe Bidermann speaking on natural stone revelations.

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The afternoon,  we headed to Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens…the garden that you see with the round topped fence is the Governor’s Garden, evoking an 18th century feel.  The next five are scenes throughout the garden until you see the

Korean Fir ‘Koreana abies’, with it’s upright cones…I was impressed with this.

The next three are of the Victorian Garden , you see the white house and the bench…that sits in this brightly coloured garden.  I took a picture of a giant weeping elm, but only got a bit of it…but you can see it’s history just by looking at it..


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The next 11 pictures are of Annapolis Royal itself…neat little things that caught my eye…the beach that we walked along with it’s granite and slate, a wonderful little shop with the neatest floral umbrellas, a tiny lighthouse, a curved antique shop, 4 pictures of Fort Anne, a beautiful old wooded turnstile into a cemetery, and old car and an old house – in purple! And another wonderfully restored home…quite Victorian…


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The tall house that we are seen walking in to is the Queen Anne Inn – this is where we had dinner…and another wonderful dinner it was!  I took a picture of their garden which is under construction as well as the dining room before we descended on it and then after we sat down…


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