Garden Writers Association Regional Meeting Kentville, Nova Scotia 2002



This is an association that I belong to – it is a non profit association which provides leadership and opportunities for education, recognition, career development, and a forum for diverse interaction for professionals in the field of garden communication.

Our Region VII National Director is Larry Hodgson and our Regional Directors are Brian Minter and Anne Marie Van Nest.

Getting together at GWA functions are wonderful.  You get the chance to meet with so many people and visit some of the greatest gardens around.  This meeting took place in Kentville , Nova Scotia , an area I had not been to before but wanted to visit and was not disappointed in anything.

Carol Matthews and Carla Allen were both great hosts and provided us with so much in speakers and visits that we were going from dawn till dusk.  We were in the Annapolis Valley and really didn’t care how long the day was, we wanted to see it all!

All our mornings began at the Kentville Agricultural Research Station.

Day 1 – Larry spoke on Mind Boggling Annuals, then Kari Hjelkrem gave a most informative talk on No 2, 4D for Me, thanks!  Bernard Jackson who created Newfoundland ’s famous Memorial University Botanical Garden and was its Curator until his retirement in 1993, spoke on this beautiful garden.  He now lives in Truro , Nova Scotia .

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After lunch we headed over to the rhodos and azaleas – now bear in mind that this was not the time to see them in bloom, but the pond and area was so quiet and relaxing and there was a nice patch of heather for us to look at.   That’s the picture with all our backs to you…then up the hill to Blair House where we had apple cake and apple cider waiting for us – wonder why??  Blair House is the while house which is now the apple museum…
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This evening we are at Blomidon Inn & Gardens for dinner.  Upon arrival we were met by the owner and taken on a tour of the gardens…there are two pictures there of the gardens and its ponds…plus a very nice one of Wendy standing in front of the Inn itself…she is a friend of mine who decided to join me on this trip…our dinner speaker was Jill Cooper Robinson speaking on the Endowment of George Chipman, a most incredible story.

The next six pictures are all of us sitting in the dining room eating…


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