Floriade, Keukenhof 
and Amsterdam 2002

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Day 7 Aalsmeer Flower Auction & canal dinner cruise
aalsmeer1.jpg (217667 bytes) This day, we were up very early to get to the Aalsmeer Flower Auction. This auction was over about 5 minutes after we arrived and we were there by 9!

Even so, I had a chance to go inside the auction room and take a couple of pictures of the famous clocks. We actually saw the final auction taking place so was pleased that the group had a chance to see it in action. It is a huge place…and is divided into two areas – the auction area and the buyers area.

The supply is brought into the auction area, kept in refrigerated rooms and then auctioned off. You can see the entire auction process for cut flowers from the visitor’s gallery, but the pot plants and garden plants are not accessible to visitors. 

It was amazing to realize that the cut flowers that we saw here in Amsterdam would be in flower shops by the end of the same day…from the auction area they go to the distribution area then separated according to a computer printed coupon, packed up on the spot, then shipped out.

This complex has a total floor area of more than 755,000 square meter – comparable to some 125 football fields! More than 18 million flowers and 2 million plants are sold EACH DAY! More than 1800 people work in the auction alone with nearly 12,000 employed in total. On the roof of the auction building there is parking for 4,500 cars. 50,000 transactions are executed every day.
There is 40,000 square metres of refrigerated space is available for storage. An average of 2,000 trucks leave the building each day and each year around 170,000 tourists visit the auction.

The most important product groups at the auction are roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, carnations, gerberas and freesia in that order of export.

After this early start, we planned some free time so the group could relax, pack and enjoy walking on the beach by our hotel…but that was not the case for most of them … they wanted to go back into Amsterdam and visit the Van Gogh Gauguin exhibit and also beside it was another art gallery … it was great to see that they still had things they wanted to see before dinner that night.

Our dinner on our last evening was a real treat … we took a canal dinner cruise. You must take a cruise at night because it becomes magical…the lights on the bridges and buildings, the sparkle off the water…it was magical and our dinner was so good! 

A fitting way to end our tour…
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Hope you enjoyed this tour and I look forward to seeing you on one of our future tours ... Donna

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