Floriade, Keukenhof 
and Amsterdam 2002

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Day 6 Paleis Het Loo & Piet Odoulfs garden in Hummelo
hetloo1.jpg (94519 bytes) Paleis Het Loo or Het Loo Palace was on the schedule for this day, an outstanding baroque palace built between 1685 and 1692 for Willem III and his wife Princess Mary II. This is now a national museum and reflects the ties between the House of Orange-Nassau and the Netherlands. It is located in Apeldoorn.

The Palace itself was opulent, there are no corridors. The building is devided into apartments, one leading into another. The largest are on the first floor and were for King Stadtholder and his wife. The paneling is all wooden and most of the walls were marbled, this discovered after six layers of paint had been removed. The furniture, the crystal chandeliers, the Delft porcelain, the artwork, the tapestries, the plaster decorations, the gilding, well, I could go on and on. It was truly a remarkable and pleasant place to tour. I bought the tour guide because there is just so much in this palace, so much history and beauty.

Now the gardens…they call it a ‘little Versailles’ . They comprise the lower garden, bordered by terraces on three sides, the adjoining upper garden, and the Kings garden to the west of the palace and the Queen’s garden to the east. All the gardens have been restored to their original 17th century state.

Remember the price of tulips during this time? Well, when you walk around these gardens you will notice tulips and other bulbs planted. They are not planted as we would today, because in those days tulips were very expensive and so they were planted widely and sparsely…first because they were so expensive and second because they wanted to show off each one of the bulbs and flowers to their greatest potential. 

The 17th century formal garden was an outpouring of the inside so that the two melded together. It included a harmonious interplay of plants, shrubs, statuary, ornamental waters and architectural elements.

After this, we headed to Piet Odoulfs garden in Hummelo. Now Piets garden is really a garden that shows its full potential in July/August, but we had a chance to visit with him and get a real feel for what it contains. Of course, being gardeners, we could all visualize what it would look like as well! There are articles on the site that you can read that fully describe it – Yvonne Cunnington wrote a wonderful article on his garden. He and his wife were very gracious and delighted to have a group from Canada and the U.S. visiting.
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Hope you enjoyed this tour and I look forward to seeing you on one of our future tours ... Donna

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